Use and throw!

Yeah he did that! The crush, with the smile. Used me and left!

As I told you things were going great, we were almost at the next level of being more then friends! But I’m committed, I was so nervous. Is it wrong? Is it slutty? Okay you Mr. Crush, you were being so nice to me. You payed a lot of attendance, just for this? We kissed! Yeah we kissed, he said “I dare you, can you do this to me?” Haha, my crush wants me to kiss him! Woahhoo best thing a person could ever imagine!

We were sitting in classroom, after lecture, all alone! He hold my hand, the situation was quite beautiful and nervous too! In some conversation he suddenly said, “do you want me to kiss you?”. I was silent, may be indicating a mute YES! HE KISSED! It was so special and beautiful, rather i had no guilts! It is my life, i know it was not serious, just a sudden thing and it just ended! We are still good friends! Ahan! Really?

Things changed! He started acting stranger, he stopped talking to me, all the good times were END. But why? Was that my fault? I was no left with any kind of patients! I walked to him, and said, “we need to talk”. He already knew what i was about to say! “I’m feeling guilty, i shouldn’t do that! I did wrong. Whether i did that with many more before but on this i’m guilty”, he said. OMFG! YOU ARE SAYING THIS NOW? He was done with USE, now it was his next step towards THROW.

I’m so done with this crush think now (well not really), but with that guy it was seriously done! Fuck boy, I loved you! You are a dog.

And then after around 3 months later, he was back, he tried that old things again, he definitely needed the next base! But this time, it was my turn to IGNORE. He leaned to kiss, but i moved on showing my middle finger! Hu-hu-ha-ha-ha you are busted ex-crush. I’m not gonna give you any damn attention now, it’s my time to rule!

But i’m in guilt now!


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