The Smile, that goddamn smile!

Is that ever happened to you too or is it only me with this stupid feeling? Yeah, I’am committed, happily committed! But but but, fucking but, I got a crush. Yeah just crush and still a crush! But ever experienced having crush on a fuckboy?

I didn’t knew that before. He was my classmate, and was being a good friend day by day. We use to talk in class, on WhatsApp and almost everyday. Things were going good, really good. My girlfriend, I mean ex-girl friends were against it. Oh sorry let me explain the “it”. Roaming around with him, flirting back when he was flirting with me. Is flirting cheating? …idk is water wet? Whatever. When he entered we use to shake hands, but he never used to leave my hand, he always pulled me towards the terrace. We were holding hands and talked until the period bell rings! Our classmates used to click our randoms and tease us with eachother’s names. It happened almost everyday, I was happy. My crush was talking to me, even more then talking, far better from my last crush!

I don’t know my friends were seriously cared of me or were they just jealous? God knows! I was not feeling any guilt at that time when I was a stranger with the real side of him! His smile, the goddamn smile, it was a trap. But now I think my girls were right! Aham, I liked him, I don’t know how the crush became my liking, and lot more was in process.

Yeah, lot more to tell! Will tell soon! To be continued…


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