Yes I wear BRA, and it shows! So what?


So, it was my college days!! Single and now yes, very much ready to mingle! Umm.. I was surrounded by a lot of proposals those days, was it the sign that I looks attractive now? Whatever! One of my school frnd proposed me, he was such a nice guy, and i honestly liked him! Usually I wear jeans and covered up clothes and a bit broad necks sometimes.

One day i showed him up in a pair of shorts and a ripped top- “THERE he was!”. But the question is why?

My short dress does not say “come fuck me”. It’s not feminist, its not slutty. The clothes that i wear in public do not communicate a desire of sex. Or a reason for you to expect it from me. It doesn’t mean i’m “asking for it”. My short dresses is not the reason why women get RAPED.

Women get raped because of rapist!

Anyhow, i talked to him about it, he was not in my favour too! He was a typical Indian guy, who wanted a typical indian girl. But nature wise he was not that bad, a perfect loving and caring guy! As always Indian socity- 1 and me- 0. I agreed to not to wear short clothes in public and we engaged in a relationship!

Oh yeah, he was serious about me, about the future! So i was a getting alot of care and attention! And i was quite happy with it. Then one day the topic arised again! One of my friends came home for some exam purpose! I told my boyfriend that my friend is at my place! Then he started again! “What are you wearing? Are you in your shorts? Send your pic, show me what are you wearing!”.  What the f**k was that? Can’t i wear what i want to, even in front of my friends, just because he is guy!

So, it’s like you love your boyfriend and wanted to be with him, so for that you need to listen to all his meaningless or useless demands. Then after a while calmed my self by thinking that, every Indian boyfriend use to be like that! And at the end i was like “Its okay! Let’s forget is all. I love you so much baby!”.

And the shit begins again!


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