Not a DUFF anymore!

You know how much it hurts when you are less attravtive! Friends use to call you fatty, and you acts like you don’t care, but you actually do!

After the last insident that I told you in the last blog, something got changed. The quite me started her journey of being the hot me! I turned 17, and too had a boyfriend! He was 3 months younger than me, one of my friends’ younger brother. I met him in a event called “Rahagiri”. I didn’t love him, he was the result of some infatuations or a trial pack for me, of how relationships actually feels like! My girl friends were really happy for me. Then what! First relationship! Butterflies in stomach! Happiness when he kisses me! Excitement of meeting him! But all this not because i like him, because he was my boyfriend! Not like a guy i love, for me it was a guy who used to be called my so called boyfriend, that’s why I like whatever he use to do!

You know i just really didn’t knew what relationship actually is. May be this was the reason of loosing interest from him just after the one month of relationship! I was searching for true love at the age of seventeen! And now when i think about it, it feels like “you were a damn kid, how can you even think of it”. Anyways, I really wanted a relief, i was tired of relationship in just one damn month! Now what BREAKUP!

And who the hell will ever imagine that!! I started loving him more when i broke up with him! With time I realised that he was such a nice guy who really loved me! Even he tried to stay back in relationship but goddamn GIRL’S EGO!! I refused to do so just because of my nonsense ego! Anyhow, i started giving fake expectaions to myself that “I will have a better one than him, it was all nonsense and something that I should forget about!”

I have passed my high school and stepped in the new world of “college”!


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