It’s not that simple!

slutYeah it’s really not that simple! And it’s more difficult when you are an Indian. This is the feeling that you just can’t explain to anyone. Oh I think i should tell you first of what i’m talking about! Its called Physical Need!!!!! Why being physical with someone in India a big deal? I’m 19. 

What actually i just want to know, is I’m seriously a whore? Then next of course you guys can judge me as everyone do! Starting from very beginning. I was a quite girl of my class till 10th standard. After observing the teenagers around me, a desire came out of my mind! “Me too wanna experience a relationship”. One of my friends/neighbors “D”, she had a boyfriend, a successful 3 year relationship! I was very jealous of her. Like why no one likes me? Isn’t I’m beautiful? Lol, forget to tell, I was a fat kid! May be that was the reason my CRUSH didn’t noticed me! I was 16 and started getting much open minded thoughts. That was the first time i got a crush. He was quite cute, but never used to talk to me. He was in my class but still never ever talked!

Thanks to my class teacher, he declared me and him, girls’ and boys’ class monitor! Oh happiest day it was. We started talking in class, not the friendly thing but about the school homework shit! Anyways it was the starting. We started talking on social media, now the friendly chat! I was getting a lot of attention. Happy days!!!!! Meanwhile a came to know that, he likes my best friend. He was duffing me! And my best friend, bloody bitch! When she came to knew about it, that bitch started flirting with him. Of course she was more beautiful and slimmer than me. Feels bad, really bad, really really bad!!! That was the first time I literally cried for a guy! I was on a call with my bestie, crying so bad, saying “i hate you so much, I’m not gonna talk to you again!”. But still she is my friend, MAY BE!

So, 1st CRUSH, became bad memory! But that bad memory changed me. Its was the time to stop being a DUFF!


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